Mac/Windows -> Unix line endings

Mark Pease Mark.Pease at
Fri Nov 5 15:38:19 CST 1999

sinck at wrote:
> emacs will do all of the same things (differently) and runs on every
> market-important platform (and some that aren't).  One interface makes
> my life simpler.

$ARGV!!!!!!! EMACS has been *proven* to cause you fingers to fall off!
It has! Believe me! The is some evidence that it makes you go blind if
you do it for to long!

It must be all that holding 15 keys with your hands, *and* you nose, to
make the cursor move one letter over.

> *cough* **not* looking at vi, cat > foo, notepad, wordpad* *cough*

What, you can't write a 15K line Perl program with cat?!? Shame on you!

(look at this! ---> :-)

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