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benh ben.hengst at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 23:52:04 PDT 2013

Anthony, thanks for the feedback, I think this might be a case where
we are agreening with vigor:

All I am proposing is that we have a landing page, nothing more. No
pages, no posts just a landing page. This is just my proposal for what
we ~could~ have as a landing page. I agree the idea of building out
new pages just to mirror what is already on the wiki is less than

All content should be stored on the wiki. I am proposing a landing
page that is more a description of what pdx.pm is and then links to
the wiki where approperate for actual content.

An entry added to calagator should include the content about the
specific meeting in question  (ie wiki content) + some boilerplate
about pdx.pm. I do not see these event listings as content rather this
is just a way to further announce a meeting.

As for updates to the landing page, sure they can happen as needed.
Though ideally the whole concept of a landing page like this is to
have minimal content and then to point people elsewhere, thus there
really should not be much need to change the content if we get it to a
point where all the correct links are included.

Is there any reason that this proposal (http://pdxpm.notbenh.info)
should not be posted? For example:
- are there any spelling/grammar errors?
- are there any missing elements that are fundamental to a description
of the group?
- are there any other counter proposals that we want to look at before
pusing live?

In the case of no show-stopper issues mentioned on the list a
non-reply or +1 will be intrepreted as: "Looks good push it some time
on Wed (19th)"

The good news is that this is just a git repo, we can always change it
later. Speaking of which, does any one else want a commit bit to this

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 5:11 PM, Anthony Johnson <aj at ohess.org> wrote:
> Sorry, i wasn't advocating against the use of gh-pages or a new
> template. There was talk of using gh-pages as a landing/portal page,
> keeping all content in the wiki, but also putting up a copy of upcoming
> meeting details as posts in jekyll.
> I'm a bit undecided on duplicating that data on gh-pages -- between the
> wiki and calagator, I'm not sure there needs to be another post. Having
> the meeting details on the landing page seems like a good idea though,
> and maybe it could be a function of %Josh to coordinate updates to
> gh-pages a week out.  Putting up meeting notes also sounds like a good
> idea and I like what pdxgit has done.
> Otherwise, the template works well, I might have some changes to the
> content but I can provide a PR when i have time.
> Anthony
> On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 02:11:28PM -0700, benh wrote:
>> I am sorry I was not intending to suggest that we should move the wiki
>> to jekyll. The advantage of the wiki is that any one with a github
>> account can make edits with out any supervision. I want to keep this
>> workflow. Though to leave the 'homepage' as a default template seems
>> like a bad move. I really only went with jekyll as it was already
>> mostly done as a framework, though just posting the flat (post-build)
>> version to gh-pages is completely acceptable in my mind. The big thing
>> here is to actually have content on that page.
>> As to your point though about visibility of posts, I am not sure I
>> follow? Did I miss removing a mention of the meeting notes workflow
>> that is used for pdxgit?
>> On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Anthony Johnson <aj at ohess.org> wrote:
>> > Does it make sense to use posts in jekyll as a meeting archive? This is
>> > slightly redundant given the data is in the wiki and it would require
>> > curating by a member with commit access, but would be very visible to
>> > anyone hitting the front page.
>> >
>> > Anthony
>> >
>> > On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 06:56:44PM -0700, benh wrote:
>> >> I forgot to mention that the static example is just that an
>> >> unconnected static example. If you want to play by way of locak edits,
>> >> then pull a copy of the repo, and build your own branch from mine
>> >> (notbenh). Then install jekyll (yes ruby I know) and you can test
>> >> locally via: jekyll serve
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 6:53 PM, benh <ben.hengst at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >> > Currently if you go to the gh-page that we have setup
>> >> > http://portlandperlmongers.github.io/ you get a stock template. The
>> >> > goal was to mostly use the wiki but it's a simple fix to just leverage
>> >> > a simple page that github hosts for us that just becomes a stack of
>> >> > links. Thus I propose something like:
>> >> >
>> >> >   http://pdxpm.notbenh.info/
>> >> >
>> >> > This is just the output from jekyll (the thing that gh-pages uses to
>> >> > turn markdown in to HTML) and all the underlying bits are in a branch
>> >> > in the repo:
>> >> >
>> >> >   https://github.com/PortlandPerlMongers/portlandperlmongers.github.io/tree/notbenh
>> >> >
>> >> > My basis for this was to pull the copy that @bak built for @pdxgit as
>> >> > that just allowed for the changing the content and not having to fuss
>> >> > with too much.
>> >> >
>> >> > So what I am looking for is basic feedback (dooz I spelz all gooz
>> >> > n-such), conversations on if we want any images (logo,favicon,...),
>> >> > and anything else you can think of.
>> >> >
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