[Pdx-pm] there's kwiki maintenance and then there's kwiki maintenance

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at cyber-office.net
Sun Oct 16 08:41:15 PDT 2011

benh wrote:
> Great point: what features do we really need in a site. So ignoring
> any specific platform details, what exactly are we looking for? For
> this group, most of the conversation happens on the list, so there's
> not a whole lot that the site needs to do, but here goes:
> pdx.pm.org must:
> - contain current && archived meeting announcements
> - contain links to podcasts
> - explain what the group is about
> - explain who memebers of the group are
> - explain how to join the mailing list
> - explain where to find the mailing list archive
> pdx.pm.org should be:
> - simple to maintain
> - open to the community
> - spam-resistant
> - using perl in some way (EW: if we don't, who will)
> - able to post to calagator
> - able to post to the mailing list
> - able to post to #pdx.pm

The ignorant speaking here as I haven't actually installed it (yet) but 
there is ShinyCMS.  It is a Catalyst based application but seems to 
address all these issues.

> Now there are many options to how to address all these features, kwiki
> has proven it's self though it might also be overkill as we're not
> looking to build a community on the site. Other then Eric and I, does
> any one else want to chime in on what you expect from the site? what
> features you would use if available? Anything else you want to
> add/remove/edit from this list? or any other list for that matter?
> On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 00:19, Eric Wilhelm <enobacon at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The server recently moved to a new machine and possibly some of what
>> used to work doesn't now.  Conveniently, this was right before the Sept
>> meetings and I decided to dust-off the long-abandoned static frontpage
>> when I didn't have time to mess with installing and configuring kwiki
>> yet.
>> I could take kwiki or leave it for this usage.  Apparently it manages to
>> be installed without all of the necessary components and no way to
>> verify your installation, which means you say "it works" about 30 times
>> only to be proven wrong again and again as you install a few
>> more "plugins".  Other than reinstalling it on a new server at short
>> notice (which I think is not a popular use case), it doesn't cause much
>> problem except for builtin access control.
>> # from benh on Saturday 15 October 2011 22:47:
>>>   - wiki's unstyled, should at least match the home page
>> If that's possible, please do.
>>> kwiki:
>>>   - search is broken/not setup?
>> Can't locate Kwiki/Search.pm in @INC -- can be fixed easily enough.  As
>> I said, the reinstallation use-case is not optimized.
>>>   - edit page fails (you can preview, you can't save.)
>> On any page besides the main one?  The main page is locked at the
>> filesystem (as it says.)
>>>     - if this is just an attempt to prohibit bots-n-spam why not lean
>>> on the already existing no annon edits?
>> The requireusernametoedit plugin is on.  Bots make themselves a username
>> and then hose the main page with spam.  Used ssh to chown the main page
>> and thereifixedit!  No more spam.  That was at least a few years ago,
>> IIRC.  Some tiny bit of access control builtin to kwiki would, of
>> course, be very nice.
>> As for dealing with stale content, that's the best part about a wiki!
>> --Eric
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