[Pdx-pm] there's kwiki maintenance and then there's kwiki maintenance

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 09:18:14 PDT 2011

# from benh
# on Sunday 16 October 2011 02:23:

>pdx.pm.org must:
>- contain current && archived meeting announcements

+ future meeting announcements (editable by speaker)

If it is not going to be a wiki, it must at least allow me to delegate 
write access to a page for the speaker to post their blurb.  
Preferably, they don't have to create an account (e.g. just their 
OpenID or whatever allows them to edit the specific page.)

>pdx.pm.org should be:
>- simple to maintain
>- open to the community
>- spam-resistant
>- using perl in some way (because it is our favorite language)
>- able to post to calagator
>- able to post to the mailing list
>- able to post to #pdx.pm

My current plan is to write a script which pulls the next meeting html 
from kwiki, replaces the appropriate div in index.html, pushes to 
calagator, and generates the e-mail.  Other than that, I'm happy with 
how the site works (and it covers the first 4 points right now.)

If there is a compelling replacement for kwiki, my favorite and 
must-have feature is that it should magically appear with the content 
converted and ready to install.

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