[Pdx-pm] there's kwiki maintenance and then there's kwiki maintenance

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 00:19:00 PDT 2011


The server recently moved to a new machine and possibly some of what 
used to work doesn't now.  Conveniently, this was right before the Sept 
meetings and I decided to dust-off the long-abandoned static frontpage 
when I didn't have time to mess with installing and configuring kwiki 

I could take kwiki or leave it for this usage.  Apparently it manages to 
be installed without all of the necessary components and no way to 
verify your installation, which means you say "it works" about 30 times 
only to be proven wrong again and again as you install a few 
more "plugins".  Other than reinstalling it on a new server at short 
notice (which I think is not a popular use case), it doesn't cause much 
problem except for builtin access control.

# from benh on Saturday 15 October 2011 22:47:

>  - wiki's unstyled, should at least match the home page

If that's possible, please do.

>  - search is broken/not setup? 

Can't locate Kwiki/Search.pm in @INC -- can be fixed easily enough.  As 
I said, the reinstallation use-case is not optimized.

>  - edit page fails (you can preview, you can't save.)

On any page besides the main one?  The main page is locked at the 
filesystem (as it says.)

>    - if this is just an attempt to prohibit bots-n-spam why not lean
>on the already existing no annon edits?

The requireusernametoedit plugin is on.  Bots make themselves a username 
and then hose the main page with spam.  Used ssh to chown the main page 
and thereifixedit!  No more spam.  That was at least a few years ago, 
IIRC.  Some tiny bit of access control builtin to kwiki would, of 
course, be very nice.

As for dealing with stale content, that's the best part about a wiki!

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