[Pdx-pm] SQL / KV / etc panel -- August meeting tomorrow night

Seven till Seven enobacon at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 19:00:54 PDT 2010

  Wed.  August 11th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek – 1731 SE 10th Ave.

Topic:  Relation DB vs Key-Value Store and Beyond
Panel:  Selena Deckelmann, Igal Koshevoy, Jeff Lavallee, David Wheeler

This will be a panel discussion about the ups, downs, ins, and outs of 
relational, row, key-value, hierarchical, and distributed data stores 
(simplistic buzzwordiness: SQL vs NOSQL aka ACID CRUD.) 

The panel will discuss parallelism, scale, data integrity, 
normalization, business logic, ORMs, and performance. They might take 
questions from the audience. Some of the following might be asked or 

  * why do you want a relational DB?
  * why do you not want a relational DB?
  * Membase, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra
  * Tokyo Tyrant, CouchDB, old school K/V (zodb, bdb)
  * distinctions between "relational" and "row store"
  * how filesystem settings affect the database
  * how important is your data?
  * common errors in SQL schemas or usage
  * is count(*) supposed to be fast?
  * efficiency vs speed vs parallel cleverness
  * sharding
  * what is "scale" and do you need it?
  * massively denormalized, or massively normalized?
  * ORMs, materialized views, indexes, and the query planner
  * typical performance with small/large, simple/complex data sets

As always, the meeting will be followed by social hour at the Lucky Lab.



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