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Subject: Fwd: pdxdevops, first meeting: Monday, August 16, 7pm
From: Igal Koshevoy


The first meeting of pdxdevops is next week on Monday, August 16, 7pm
at Puppet Labs, 123 NW 2nd Ave, Suite #321, Portland, OR 97209.

pdxdevops is a Portland, Oregon user group that explores the glorious
intersection of software development and systems operations, and
shares practical advice on working together for the greater good in an
era of agile infrastructure, server automation and cloud computing.

The plan for this meeting is:
* Short talks (1 to 15 minutes each) by attendees discussing their
devops projects, experiences and challenges
* Discuss how we should define "devops" and its scope for this group
* Discuss what we'd like to talk about at future meetings
* Discuss how we'd like to manage the group
* Discuss time/dates we'd like to meet in the future

Venue, food and drinks are all sponsored by Puppet Labs.

Website: http://pdxdevops.org/
Twitter: @pdxdevops

PS: Please redistribute this announcement to people and groups you're
a part of that would be interested in this.




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