[Pdx-pm] Paul and Jacinta are coming to Portland

David E. Wheeler david at kineticode.com
Mon Jul 13 17:25:54 PDT 2009

On Jul 12, 2009, at 8:44 PM, Paul Fenwick wrote:

> (Sent to PDX.pm and BCC'ed to a stack of friends.  If you get this  
> twice,
> then it means I think you're doubly awesome.)

Clearly I suck.

> We'll be at Ignite Portland on the evening of Thursday 16th, and  
> Beer & Blog
> on the evening of Friday 17th.  On Sunday, 19th we're flying to San  
> Jose for
> OSCON in the mid-afternoon.  At all other times, we're free[1]!

Sounds like a pretty bloody packed schedule already.

> If you'd like to meet up, we'd love to see you, either individually  
> or as a
> group.  I'm fond of coding, beer, rhythm games (eg, Rock Band or  
> StepMania),
> mushroom hunting, cycling, adventuring, anything that I haven't done  
> before,
> and most of all, people.

Schwern, are you having the hackathon at the Lab again on Thursday?  
That might be a good time to meet up and hack in general with a bunch  
of geeks, after Ignite.

> I could be convinced to give a talk at a tech event if needed,  
> provided it's
> short (20 minutes), Perl related, and I get to pick the subject. ;)

I'm in if that's also on Thursday.



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