[Pdx-pm] podcast is posted, plus fun reading

Chris Dawson xrdawson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 23:29:44 PST 2007

I posted Schwern's podcast from last week.  I brought a spare
microphone, thank you.  Never ending issues with the microphone at


Please read this if you like getting these podcasts:


If we don't put any music at all into these recorded podcasts, in
theory we should not have to worry.  I still get scared when I see
something like this:

'...obligated to implement "reasonably available and economically
reasonable" copy-protection technology aimed at preventing "music
theft" and restricting automatic recording...'

This could have been written by a lobbyist, I suppose.  I doubt our
congresspeople would not know what "reasonably available and
economically reasonable DRM" is because I don't know what that is, and
this my line of work.


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