[Pdx-pm] svn4cpan thinkfest

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 13:30:04 PST 2007

Hi all,

Since we said after the last meeting that this has to happen within one 
or two weeks, I guess that leaves us with sometime between now and 
about 8pm on Tuesday.

How's Tuesday afternoon running into Tuesday night sound?  Urban Grind 
in the Pearl?

I say "thinkfest" and not hackfest because I haven't looked at this code 
for over a year.  Thus, there will be some code review necessary.  
There are also several things I haven't solved yet, such as what the 
mirroring and commit-bit management involves.  I'm sure hacking will 
happen, but expect to be prototyping rather than actually finishing.

Also, the backpan import being a 17 hour process means we need to come 
up with a faster way to find all of the edge cases (which may involve 
the 6 CPUs in these 4 not-racked-yet boxen I'm sitting on.)  Once we 
know the code will survive every tarball, zipfile, and mislabeled 
shovel, it's no problem to make a fresh svn and let it spin for a day.  
I think the linearity is worth the extra wait.

Of course, it's possible that the hard limit of 3 commits/second exists 
only in the silly svn client code.  Possibly an svk-based import would 
solve that.

There may also be discussion of OSCON proposals, unless somebody wants 
to host that (and possibly involve booze) on another day.

Moving pianos is dangerous.
Moving pianos are dangerous.
Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

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