[Pdx-pm] Personal perldoc server

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 01:17:55 PDT 2006

# from Michael G Schwern
# on Tuesday 17 October 2006 11:37 pm:

>The port and CSS are configurable.  By default it uses port 8123 and
> the search.cpan.org CSS.

Hey, I did something similar a while back, but maybe got a little silly 
with the html and still haven't figured out what the secret utf8 flag 
is for POD (anyone know where that is documented?) and then Allison 
mentioned Pod::Webserver.  I was going for "just this project's lib 
dir" rather than all of @INC.



Sounds like a great little project for the hackfest (Nov 10-12.)  Maybe 
we can even get better CPAN search builtin (I know I searched, but 
maybe I just don't know how to correctly operate search.cpan.org.)

perl -e 'srand; print join(" ",sort({rand() < 0.5}
  qw(sometimes it is important to be consistent)));'

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