[Pdx-pm] Personal perldoc server

Michael G Schwern schwern at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 23:37:55 PDT 2006

I need new glasses so I've been preferring to read module documentation in a web browser with color and formatting and large text.  search.cpan.org is nice but its also nice to read the documentation that's actually installed on your machine, its the right version and has any local hacks.

Using Pod::Find, Pod::Simple::HTML and HTTP::Server::Simple I hacked together a simple local perldoc server.  Simply run it and then use the supplied URL.  Pass in the name of your module as a path.


The port and CSS are configurable.  By default it uses port 8123 and the search.cpan.org CSS.


If folks like it I might package it up for CPAN.

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