[Pdx-pm] Wed. MEETING: WxPerl: What I Learned the Hard Way

Chris Dawson xrdawson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 22:58:35 PDT 2006

Podcast is up of Eric's discussion is up:


Thanks Eric!


On 10/10/06, Seven till Seven <scratchcomputing at gmail.com> wrote:
> Meeting *tonight*  (well, tomorrow if you're not reading mail at work)
> Update:  change of title and supposedly content
> *special* Octoberfest promo for members only:  Bring a friend and I'll
> buy you both a beer (or lesser libation.)
> ** special special ** give a 5-min overview of Alien.pm and/or camelpack
> and get a free beer!  First person to e-mail me before noon wins it.
> ------------
> October Meeting
>   Wednesday Oct 11th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek -- 1731 SE 10th Ave.
> Presenter:
>   Eric Wilhelm
> Topic:
>   WxPerl:  What I Learned the Hard Way
> OR:  How to have a decent and perlish architecture in spite of being
> subjected to obscenely verbose reams of C++ documentation, overly
> academic examples, slow wikis, and infection misconceptions.
>   o wxWidgets -- what it is and what it can do for you
>   o interlude:  mac users heckling loudly
>   o Wx (aka wxPerl) -- crazy, but true!
>   o dotReader:  an open-source e-book reader written in Perl
>   o getting started / documentation
>   o cross platform development (aka fun with vnc)
>   o installation (aka fun with make/nmake/bake/shake/quake)
>   o getting past getting started
>   o code generation and why it is a good idea
>   o event driven OOP -- how to have your cake without eating your hair
>   o callbacks with closures, methods, and accessors
>   o testing
>   o building
>   o testing
>   o packaging and deployment on windows, mac, and linux
>   o no really, testing
>   o moose, Traits, and whatever else time allows
> All this in a fun-filled and action-packed multimedia presentation
> followed by Beer!  I know I'll be there!
> --Eric
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