[Pdx-pm] ANNOUNCEMENT: Portland PostgreSQL Users Group starting

Selena Deckelmann selena at chrisking.com
Mon Jun 26 09:53:43 PDT 2006

The Portland PostgreSQL Users Group is recruiting!

Don't know what PostgreSQL is?  Go to http://www.postgresql.org/

We have a mailing list (send email to majordomo at postgresql.org, with 
"subscribe pdxpug" in the BODY of the message), and a website - 
http://pugs.postgresql.org/pdx/ - and we need a few more people.

Go ahead and subscribe to the mailing list to find out what we're up 
to!  We have a couple local experts lined up for talks, and are gearing 
up for a meeting in July. Subjects for talks might include DOMAINS, 
PL/pgSQL, DBD::Pg (my Perl bias is starting to show..).

A little bit about me --

I am a UNIX systems administrator with about 7 years of experience and 
I started working with PostgreSQL last year.  I'm in the middle of 
implementing an ERP package that uses pgSQL as its backend. If you're 
going to OSCON, I'll be helping staff the pgSQL booth, so you can stop 
by and say hello!


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