[Pdx-pm] display email as web page

Russ Johnson russj at dimstar.net
Sat Jun 24 23:44:11 PDT 2006

John Springer wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to display an email message as a web page, like 
> a webmail product would do.  But I'm not looking for full-blown web 
> mail.  I just want to have an email as a file and view it over the web 
> using something that's smart enough to manage the MIME and decoding 
> and such.  I've searched and found lots of MIME toolkits on CPAN, but 
> I can't find anything that just lets me get from a single email 
> message to a nice web page view.
> Any ideas?
> What I'm trying to do is let a group of users build a kind of FAQ by 
> archiving email messages with questions and answers.  I can manage 
> saving and indexing the email, but I need an easy viewer.
What are you using to look at the email in the first place?

I know in thunderbird (and many other clients) you can FILE>SAVE-AS and
select HTML. It then saves a nice file and all the details for viewing
in a browser.


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