[Pdx-pm] Subversion question

Kris Bosland krisb at ring.org
Tue Dec 13 12:07:56 PST 2005

	I guess it is often better to give the real situation instead of
asking vague hypotheticals.

On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Eric Wilhelm wrote:

> You mean svn co file:///mountpoint/repos/path/ ?  I think the recommend
> against this even for NFS.
> Maybe you want to svn co svn+ssh://host/mountpoint/repos/path .  There's
> also the svnserve daemon (which will actually get started on-demand if
> you use the ssh protocol.)  If you're on a lame OS like windows, maybe
> easier to setup svnserve than ssh.
> Checking out _to_ a Samba mount is a different story.  Maybe that works
> if all of your users are the same.

The server I have is windows, yes.  I would like to be able to create a
central repository on a shared disk and access it from the server and my
laptop (also windows), and maybe also from some linux machines.  I want to
be able to ultimately store code in the central repository, but I would
like the ability to make local code changes on my laptop when disconnected
and then sync up with the server later.  I am also not confident that I
have the server long term, I may loose the existing server and get
assigned another, so I don't want to have to go through too many hoops to
set up the service, or at least nothing that I can't make into scripts I
can save on the disk space, which is stable.


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