[Pdx-pm] Subversion question

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 12:36:24 PST 2005

# from Kris Bosland
# on Tuesday 13 December 2005 12:07 pm:

>I would like to be able to create a
>central repository on a shared disk and access it from the server and
> my laptop (also windows), 

Bad idea.  Maybe something about this in the svnbook.


> and maybe also from some linux machines.  

Serve it from a linux machine via http?  The apache webdav setup is not 
too terribly difficult.

> I  
> want to be able to ultimately store code in the central repository,
> but I would like the ability to make local code changes on my laptop
> when disconnected and then sync up with the server later.

That's svk land.  Subversion will let you work offline, but not commit.  
My proposed "stupid svk tricks" lightning talk got no takers, but given 
the ~40min schedule, maybe there's time for one of these or we could 
just do that as a barroom seminar.

> I am also 
> not confident that I have the server long term, I may loose the
> existing server and get assigned another

Not sure about svk on windows, but I have checked-out from svk's 
underlying svn dirs via ssh to an svk mirror on the laptop.  That's 
pretty low setup overhead, but fairly high usage overhead (and I think 
it voids the warranty too.)  The bdb and/or fsfs databases are pretty 
mobile (and there hasn't been a need for dump/load to switch versions 
since pre-1.0 IIANM), it's the server access that might be tricky to 
move around, but if you have ssh everywhere, then it's cake.

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