[Pdx-pm] DBD::mysql

James marks jamarks at jamarks.com
Tue Mar 30 00:54:52 CST 2004


First off, I'm very new to Perl, CPAN and the command line so my 
apologies if my question is unclear or misdirected.

I'm running through example Perl scripts provided in "Managing & Using 
MySQL" and the current script fails with the following message:

"Can't locate DBD/mysql.pm in @INC ... Perhaps the DBD::mysql perl 
module hasn't been fully installed..."

So, I attempt to install DBD::mysql via CPAN and the attempted 
installation fails as follows:

(lots of text snipped)

make: *** [blib/arch/auto/DBD/mysql/mysql.bundle] Error 1
   /usr/bin/make  -- NOT OK
Running make test
   Can't test without successful make
Running make install
   make had returned bad status, install seems impossible

I've excluded much of the attempted installation text for the sake of 
brevity and, in so doing, may have withheld information necessary to 
answer this question, but is the installation failure more likely to be 
a problem on my computer or is there something inherently wrong with 
DBD::mysql on CPAN? In other words, is anyone else having this problem 
or is DBD::mysql installing correctly for others?

The MySQL sample Perl scripts all seem to need DBD::mysql to run and I 
seem to be unable to install it.



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