[Pdx-pm] CGI & flushing filehandles

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Wed Mar 24 23:59:48 CST 2004

>>>>> "Wil" == Wil Cooley <wcooley at nakedape.cc> writes:

Wil> On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 21:25, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
>> Watching Long Processes through CGI is at
>> <http://www.stonehenge.com/merlyn/LinuxMag/col39.html>.

Wil> Thanks; I'd thought about the server-push/meta-refresh approach, but I
Wil> expressly don't need to send the agent any further output, so all the
Wil> framework necessary for implementing this is unnecessary.

I misunderstood.  I thought that you wanted the browser to know
when the possibly delayed task was done.

If not, then a simple fork will do it:

    ... normal cgi stuff here to return a normal page ...
    ... at end of script:
    exit 0 if fork;
    close STDOUT; # essential to let child continue without tying up browser
    ... start of things to do after browser is released ...

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