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Todd Caine tcaine at eli.net
Fri Jul 9 12:48:47 CDT 2004


You might give Net::Whois::RegistryFusion a try.  A new version was just uploaded to the CPAN yesterday.

ARIN does implement some kind of rate-limiting on connections to their WHOIS server.  I just called ARIN and they said that they allow 30 queries within a 5 minute period before your IP address is denied for ~1 hour.

Most of the Regional Internet Registries provide bulk WHOIS data which can be downloaded via anonymous FTP.  Although, ARIN is the only registry which makes people sign an AUP before getting access to the bulk whois data.


On (Sat, Jul 03 09:09), Josh Heumann wrote:
> <quote who="Wil Cooley">
> > I tried both Net::Whois and Net::XWhois some time ago and neither gave
> > me consistent results.  Maybe they've caught up to the changes in root
> > DNS servers, maybe not.
> Actually, I'm getting the same thing with Net::Whois.  A coworker
> mentioned something about flow restriction to the ARIN, et al servers, so
> that after a few queries, you start getting nulls back.  Anyone had any
> experience with this?
> Josh
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