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> 	I disagree with the "toy" assessment. I guess that's my point. :-)

When I first started programming in the early 80s, BASIC was a serious
business language.  As business required more, the limitations of BASIC
became apparent.  Frankly, BASIC would work for many of the smaller
applications out there, it just wouldn't be the best choice.  If most
other languages cost a ton of money, though, BASIC would have a strong
following (as it did when it came free with many computers.)  

I can't prove it, but I'm willing to be that many of those BASIC
programmers would fiercely defend their choice of language.  And you
know what?  They would be right.   If BASIC was the only free language
most programmers would know BASIC and it would be a ubiquitous tool
with programmers touting the CBAN to handle much of the heavy lifting. 
If that's the tool available, that's fine and there's nothing wrong
with it, but few would really argue that BASIC can hold a candle to
Perl or other modern programming languages. 

If Oracle were free and open-source, we wouldn't be having this
discussion.  If MySQL/BASIC fits your needs, that's OK, but they both
still have serious limitations.  Need  partitioning?  Need
(functioning) writeable views?  Flashback queries?  Materialized views?
 There's a ton more, but you get the idea.  If someone needs these
features but doesn't have them, they do workarounds.
And just to reiterate, in case my point was lost:  there's nothing
wrong with MySQL.  If it fits your needs, fine.  If you need more, you
may not realize it if you don't know what else is out there.


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