[Pdx-pm] XP Project Management Tool

Austin Schutz tex at off.org
Tue Dec 14 13:51:25 CST 2004

On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 10:07:43PM -0800, publiustemp-pdxpm at yahoo.com wrote:
> --- Michael G Schwern <schwern at pobox.com> wrote:
> > I really hate this dig against MySQL.  Its right up there with "Perl
> > isn't Object-Oriented" and for the same reasons.
> > 
> > You don't have to ENFORCE relationships to be relational in the same
> > way that you don't have to ENFORCE privacy to be object-oriented.
> True.  You can also drive a car and be a rotten driver.  (I speak from
> humiliating personal driving experience.)
> MySQL is finally getting to the point where it's not a toy.  For
> serious database work it's been a toy for a long, long time. 

	We've been using MySQL 3.x for years in a production database which
supports tens of thousands of inserts/updates per minute and stays lightning
fast for queries. It isn't absolutely bulletproof - it seems to hang about
once a year.
	For those of us that can afford the "perl style" of its relational
model, it's worked quite well.
	I agree with all the other points about MySQL not supporting advanced
database features, at least for earlier versions - but I don't care. That's
the beauty of having so many options for relational database. We run Oracle
where relational self flagellation matters.

	I disagree with the "toy" assessment. I guess that's my point. :-)


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