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--- Michael G Schwern <schwern at pobox.com> wrote:
> I really hate this dig against MySQL.  Its right up there with "Perl
> isn't Object-Oriented" and for the same reasons.
> You don't have to ENFORCE relationships to be relational in the same
> way that you don't have to ENFORCE privacy to be object-oriented.

True.  You can also drive a car and be a rotten driver.  (I speak from
humiliating personal driving experience.)

MySQL is finally getting to the point where it's not a toy.  For
serious database work it's been a toy for a long, long time. 
Regrettably, I've worked with far too many developers who've never
needed a real database and thus have no way realizing MySQL's serious
limitations.  It's like a BASIC programmer saying "who needs
recursion?" or a Java programmer saying closures are useless (I've
heard both.)

Not enforcing relationships falls into the "big bucket of suck"
category, but the MySQL developers -- to their credit -- seem
determined to climb out of that bucket.  We can only pray MySQL fans
follow :)


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