[Pdx-pm] [OT] Need some help - No Perl Content...

Jouke Visser jouke at pvoice.org
Mon Aug 11 13:21:29 CDT 2003


As you may or may not have read in my use.perl journal, I recently
received a travel-grant from The Perl Foundation to spread the word on
the work I do on pVoice (http://www.pvoice.org), my free software for
disabled children, written in Perl.

The idea is to come to Portland next summer to speak at OSCON about
pVoice, and while I'm in the area, to get as many speaking engagements
as I can to talk about pVoice to people working with disabled children
and may need something like pVoice (Speech Therapists, Physical
Therapists, other professionals at Rehabilitation Centers, Children's
Hospitals, but also parents of those children). From what I can tell,
the use of Open Source software as an aid for Disabled people is
something that's completely unknown to the people who make decisions
about it. Lots of people need devices and/or software and can't get
their insurance to pay for it. With Open Source software it becomes a
lot easier to use the software you need.

I've already tried to contact the Child Development and Rehabilitation
Center at OHSU (whose mailserver has been unavailable in the past week
as it seems), and the Doernbecher institute (also a part of OHSU), who
haven't responded (yet).

My question to you is, do you happen to know people working in this
area, and if you do, could you help me getting in touch with them to try
and see if we can arrange a meeting next year to get the most out of the
grant I received?


Jouke Visser

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