[Pdx-pm] Possibly OT DC question

Daniel C. Stillwaggon dstillwa at xprt.net
Thu Aug 7 22:47:11 CDT 2003

I'm not sure if this message is apropos for this list, but I've seen 
all sorts of
things come down the line, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. :-)

I'm relocating to the DC area and wondering if anyone has any pointers
they might be able to give for a good contracting agency out there?  By
good I mean reasonably together and honest, as well as dealing in
Perl jobs at least partly.  By pointers I mean any names or numbers
or personal horror/joyful stories you might feel willing to share.

I've lived on the west coast (Oregon) for most of my life, and the DC
job market looks like a foreign country!

Daniel C. Stillwaggon
<dstillwa at xprt.net>

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