[Pdx-pm] Probably redundant Plug thread

david pool dpool at hevanet.com
Mon Aug 25 17:07:12 CDT 2003

Cliff Wells wrote:

 >>Sounds like Cliff is voting with Carla and me on this one.
 > Absolutely.  The more likely scenario, IMO, is that the reduced IT
 > spending on software would increase the amount available to hire staff.
 > I'll concede that switching to OSS might impact jobs in Washington.
 > However, we are concerned about jobs in *Oregon* and I suggest using
 > some of the present IT budget to hire *Oregonians* rather than mailing
 > the check off to Redmond.

Well, with the legislative session winding down, any House hearing would 
have to be within the next day or two. Would you be willing to come testify?

I mean Cliff especially, but who else would be available to go cram a 
hearing in an hour's notice?

Of course, if you'd all like to give it a another try now, well, go 
e-mail your State Reps and Senators. Have your friends do it. What the hell.


PS If you have still yet to add your representatives to your e-mail 
address book, go look it up and then add it.



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