[Pdx-pm] reading/good programming group proposal

Curtis Poe cp at onsitetech.com
Thu Sep 26 19:33:20 CDT 2002

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From: "Raymaker, Dora" <dora.raymaker at xo.com>
> There are three of us on this elist who all work at the same company and
> were inspired recently by posts here and elsewhere to go pick up copies of
> _The Pragmatic Programmer_.  We're thinking of getting together to discuss
> the book and good programming practices periodically.  However, the
> discussion would be more exciting if there were more people involved than
> just the three of us, as well as, in the words of Mark (TGI) "it would be
> great to have someone smarter than us there." :-)
> So, just shooting this out to see if there's interest... anyone wanna do
> informal, maybe every-other-week-type-thing, get-together to discuss _The
> Pragmatic Programmer_ in particular and good programming practices in
> general?  Lovely down-town location?  nudge, nudge, wink, wink???

I'd be interested in something like that on a very informal basis, but with
a couple of notes:

1.  I'm probably not smarter than anyone there (see last line, paragraph 1).
2.  I have managed to tremendously overburden myself with professional and
social obligations, so I don't have a huge amount of free time for regular

Also, I was asked off list about my presentation on this topic.  You can
find it at http://www.easystreet.com/~ovid/presentation/.  Unfortunately,
Power Point exports an Internet Explorer only presentation, so if you have a
different browser, you probably can't read it.  If anyone can point me to a
nice PowerPoint2AnythingElse converter, that would be great.

Regarding the presentation, I was rushed, rushed, rushed.  My main presenter
developed a stomach flu and Randal had to flee at the last minute, so I
threw together the presentation in a little over an hour.  It has typos (how
embarrassing to misspell "embarrass" on the first slide :) and, without the
talk, some of the slides will seem confusing.  Also, I didn't know Power
Point, so you'll have to forgive the ugly graphics.  I couldn't figure out
how to get rid of 'em!


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