[Pdx-pm] reading/good programming group proposal

Raymaker, Dora dora.raymaker at xo.com
Thu Sep 26 18:54:32 CDT 2002

There are three of us on this elist who all work at the same company and
were inspired recently by posts here and elsewhere to go pick up copies of
_The Pragmatic Programmer_.  We're thinking of getting together to discuss
the book and good programming practices periodically.  However, the
discussion would be more exciting if there were more people involved than
just the three of us, as well as, in the words of Mark (TGI) "it would be
great to have someone smarter than us there." :-)

So, just shooting this out to see if there's interest... anyone wanna do an
informal, maybe every-other-week-type-thing, get-together to discuss _The
Pragmatic Programmer_ in particular and good programming practices in
general?  Lovely down-town location?  nudge, nudge, wink, wink???


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