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From: "Randal L. Schwartz" <merlyn at stonehenge.com>
> *what* $100 minimum?  are you renting a room?  Or just letting them
> know ahead of time that there'll be about 20 in a group?  If the former,
> I can imagine a minimum.  If the latter, that is *so* unrestaurant-like!
> I suppose I could talk to them as a former restaurant owner. :)

I'm reserving the balcony section at the top, so that's why they have a
minimum.  I suppose we could just "show up", but that could make matters
worse as there might not be space for us.

Speaking of worse, while we've been reserving that space every month for
almost a year, I'm a bit disappointed to see them making a big deal out of
this.  Once while I was out of town, Christian reserved the space for me and
they were demanding his credit card number to hold the space, something they
had *never* previously done with me.  When I reserved the space this time, I
objected to the $100.00 minimum as they had never held us to it before, but
they were pretty adamant about it.  Then they brought up the credit card
issue again.  Grr...

Had they simply stuck to this policy up front, that would have been fine.
However, after a year of this and having Rose and Rain Drop playing "Guess
which shell the policy pea is under this month", I'm getting a bit tired of

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