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Sun Oct 29 14:40:18 CST 2000

>>>>> "Masque" == Masque  <masque at> writes:

Masque> Tuesdays and thursdays are good for me; pretty much every other
Masque> weekday is a bad idea.  In the past our meetings have been on 
Masque> Tuesdays and there were few complaints.  Is tuesday still good
Masque> for the vast majority of those out there?

Tuesdays and Thursdays are both bad for me while I'm teaching at OGI
(, but there'll be days when
I'm in town and I'm not doing that (rare :).  Or, if you're gonna be
somewhere past 8:30, I can show up at the last minute. :)

Masque>'s mailing list has grown by quite a bit in the last few
Masque> months.  Let's get this moving again.  crys, is your POE talk
Masque> ready?  ua...want to present that new module you've written?
Masque> I personally don't have anything technical to contribute this
Masque> time, but I might be able to bring caffeine or sugar.  ;)

Not true... you can do one of the chapters from the llama course. :)

Masque> Let's decide on a day of the week to meet on, then let's find 
Masque> ourselves a speaker.  Once that's done, we need to set a date.
Masque> Personally, I would like us to -avoid- another social meeting 
Masque> until we have had a technical meeting - or, better yet, merge 
Masque> them as was suggested earlier.  

I disagree.  Have social meetings all the time.  Technical meetings
are secondary anyway.  Follow the Perl Monger Path.

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