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Sun Oct 29 14:01:31 CST 2000

This is exactly what I've been -begging- for.  Thank you, Dan, 
for actually posting to this list.  :]

Social meetings have worked rather well in the past, we've had 
10-15 people usually.  That's a decent turnout, I think.  
As for technical meetings, I have two or three people that are
currently willing (or obligated, in crys' case :] ) to speak.
The location at the 217->I-5 interchange sounds good - just 
about equally inconvenient for everyone in PDX.  ;)  As for 
projection equipment, that may not be necessary for (or even
useful to) every speaker, so let's plan who's going to speak 
on what when. 

Tuesdays and thursdays are good for me; pretty much every other
weekday is a bad idea.  In the past our meetings have been on 
Tuesdays and there were few complaints.  Is tuesday still good
for the vast majority of those out there?'s mailing list has grown by quite a bit in the last few
months.  Let's get this moving again.  crys, is your POE talk 
ready?  ua...want to present that new module you've written?
I personally don't have anything technical to contribute this
time, but I might be able to bring caffeine or sugar.  ;)

Let's decide on a day of the week to meet on, then let's find 
ourselves a speaker.  Once that's done, we need to set a date.
Personally, I would like us to -avoid- another social meeting 
until we have had a technical meeting - or, better yet, merge 
them as was suggested earlier.  

So, let's call it this:  We'll have a Sociotechnical meeting
in early November.  Please respond if Tuesdays will -not- work
for you...or with any other comments. 


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