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Rob Bloodgood robb at
Tue Oct 31 13:14:20 CST 2000

Masque> Let's decide on a day of the week to meet on, then let's find
Masque> ourselves a speaker.  Once that's done, we need to set a date.
Masque> Personally, I would like us to -avoid- another social meeting
Masque> until we have had a technical meeting - or, better yet, merge
Masque> them as was suggested earlier.

I disagree.  Have social meetings all the time.  Technical meetings
are secondary anyway.  Follow the Perl Monger Path.


Now, you see, I've been waiting for the right message to start my reply

Will somebody tell me where a social meeting of 100% geeks DOESN'T turn
I mean, is it the ratio of alcohol to bodies that determines it, or what?
The PM meeting I made it too, at Who-song & Larry's, was a collection of
geeks having individual conversations about their technical issues... in
fact Randal shared a couple of very interesting tech anectdotes w/ me about
(IIRC) a Web server throttling technique, and the history of

Is there a difference here (between social and technical) other than an
agenda, tying all the geeks to the same topic?? :-)

My $.02.



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