[Oslo.pm] Mars-møtet: Everyday Perl 6 m/Damian Conway

Salve J Nilsen sjn+oslo.pm at pvv.org
Ons 4. Mar 2015 03:58:02 PST


Minner om kveldens foredrag.

MERK: Den begynner 18:30 sharp (og ikke tidligere, slik det er nevnt på 
Teknologihusets facebook-gruppe og andre steder.)

- Salve J. Nilsen

Salve J Nilsen said:
> Hei!
> Første onsdagen i måneden nærmer seg igjen, og denne gangen har vi Damian 
> Conway på besøk for å gi oss foredraget "Everyday Perl 6"!
> Tid:       Onsdag 4. mars 2015, klokken 18:30
> Sted:      Teknologihuset, 3. etg.
> Påmelding: http://meetu.ps/2GKQHV
> Everyday Perl 6
>  Perl 6 is a computer scientist’s dream come true. Its many advanced 
> features
>  (junctions, multiple dispatch, generics, delegation, grammars, lazy
>  evaluation, infinite lists, hyperoperators, first class functions,
>  coroutines, partial function application, macros, metadata, etc., etc.)
>  offer the elite überhacker entirely new levels of awesome cosmic power.
>  Unfortunately, for the majority of us, those incredible new features are
>  mostly just mysterious, scary, and off-putting. But all of those new
>  features are also entirely optional. You don’t have to start out in Perl 6
>  writing autoparallelized infinite superpositions of multimorphic
>  higher-order functions. You don’t even have to statically type your
>  variables or encapsulate your objects.
>  For most Perl developers, the real and immediate benefit of using Perl 6 is
>  this new (but eerily familiar) programming language just plain eliminates
>  most of the minor annoyances and frustrations that plague our everyday
>  coding.
>  If you’ve ever mistyped a sigil, miscounted a subroutine’s parameters,
>  mis-used the spooky action-at-a-distance of $_, mis-sorted a numeric list,
>  mis-indented a heredoc, mis-interpolated a variable, mis-typed a regex, or
>  simply misunderstood a sequence of nested subroutine calls, Perl 6 has a
>  kinder, gentler solution for you.
>  This talk explores some of the most useful, convenient, and un-scary ways 
> in
>  which Perl 6 improves on Perl 5 and offers a dozen practical reasons why
>  Perl 6 might now be a better choice as your everyday go-to problem-solver.
> Foredraget er for åpent for alle, og inviter gjerne kollegaer og venner! :)
> mvh,
> - Salve J. Nilsen

#!/usr/bin/env perl
sub AUTOLOAD{$AUTOLOAD=~/.*::(\d+)/;seek(DATA,$1,0);print# Salve Joshua Nilsen
getc DATA}$"="'};&{'";@_=unpack("C*",unpack("u*",':50,$'.#    <sjn at foo.no>
'3!=0"59,6!`%%P\0!1)46%!F.Q`%01,`'."\n"));eval "&{'@_'}";  __END__ is near! :)

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