[Oslo.pm] Mars-møtet: Everyday Perl 6 m/Damian Conway

Salve J Nilsen sjn at pvv.org
Man 2. Mar 2015 05:28:43 PST


Første onsdagen i måneden nærmer seg igjen, og denne gangen har vi Damian 
Conway på besøk for å gi oss foredraget "Everyday Perl 6"!

Tid:       Onsdag 4. mars 2015, klokken 18:30
Sted:      Teknologihuset, 3. etg.
Påmelding: http://meetu.ps/2GKQHV

Everyday Perl 6

   Perl 6 is a computer scientist’s dream come true. Its many advanced features
   (junctions, multiple dispatch, generics, delegation, grammars, lazy
   evaluation, infinite lists, hyperoperators, first class functions,
   coroutines, partial function application, macros, metadata, etc., etc.)
   offer the elite überhacker entirely new levels of awesome cosmic power.

   Unfortunately, for the majority of us, those incredible new features are
   mostly just mysterious, scary, and off-putting. But all of those new
   features are also entirely optional. You don’t have to start out in Perl 6
   writing autoparallelized infinite superpositions of multimorphic
   higher-order functions. You don’t even have to statically type your
   variables or encapsulate your objects.

   For most Perl developers, the real and immediate benefit of using Perl 6 is
   this new (but eerily familiar) programming language just plain eliminates
   most of the minor annoyances and frustrations that plague our everyday

   If you’ve ever mistyped a sigil, miscounted a subroutine’s parameters,
   mis-used the spooky action-at-a-distance of $_, mis-sorted a numeric list,
   mis-indented a heredoc, mis-interpolated a variable, mis-typed a regex, or
   simply misunderstood a sequence of nested subroutine calls, Perl 6 has a
   kinder, gentler solution for you.

   This talk explores some of the most useful, convenient, and un-scary ways in
   which Perl 6 improves on Perl 5 and offers a dozen practical reasons why
   Perl 6 might now be a better choice as your everyday go-to problem-solver.

Foredraget er for åpent for alle, og inviter gjerne kollegaer og venner! :)


- Salve J. Nilsen

#!/usr/bin/env perl
sub AUTOLOAD{$AUTOLOAD=~/.*::(\d+)/;seek(DATA,$1,0);print# Salve Joshua Nilsen
getc DATA}$"="'};&{'";@_=unpack("C*",unpack("u*",':50,$'.#    <sjn at foo.no>
'3!=0"59,6!`%%P\0!1)46%!F.Q`%01,`'."\n"));eval "&{'@_'}";  __END__ is near! :)

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