[niederrhein.pm] Did we know about Frankfurt.pm already? - Duesseldorf.pm

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Mo Jan 28 14:43:28 PST 2013

Hi Renee,

Aaah... see, I should not write difficult emails
when I am tired and sick.  I did not mean
Frankfurt.pm.  We from niederrhein.pm do not meet
in Frankfurt 9well, last year we did, but that was because of the YAPC:EU).

I meant Duesseldorf.pm

Sorry.  My mistake.


At 11:26 PM 1/28/2013, Renee B wrote:
  >Hi Wendy, hi all,
  >On 28.01.2013 23:20, Wendy G.A. van Dijk wrote:
  >> Hi all,
  >> We are niederrhein.pm, but we meet in Frankfurt.
  >> I knew about Frankfurt.pm but I never connected the dots.
  >> Did we ever try to have a combined meeting?  Maybe they have a nice
  >> place to meet in Frankfurt?
  >When? What purpose? Our regular social meetings take place in a nice
  >Noodle bar (http://moschmosch.de/). Our annual Frankfurt Perl Community
  >Workshop takes place in a small seminar room near that Noodle Bar.
  >When I know a date, I can look for a nice place to meet...
  >> http://frankfurt.pm.org/
  >> Greetz,
  >> Wendy
  >- Renée
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