[niederrhein.pm] Did we know about Frankfurt.pm already? - Duesseldorf.pm

Renee B pm.list at perl-services.de
Mo Jan 28 14:47:50 PST 2013

Hi Wendy,

On 28.01.2013 23:43, Wendy G.A. van Dijk wrote:
> Hi Renee,
> Aaah... see, I should not write difficult emails
> when I am tired and sick.

I wish all the best to you! I hope you recover very soon.

>   I did not mean
> Frankfurt.pm.  

Sad, a nice "CentralGermanMeetup" (like Getty proposed) would be nice ;-)

> We from niederrhein.pm do not meet
> in Frankfurt 9well, last year we did, but that was because of the
> I meant Duesseldorf.pm
> http://duesseldorf.pm.org/

- Renée

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