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Tom Hukins wrote:
> I've been nosing through the book "The Definitive Guide to
> Catalyst" lately and I quite like it.
> But I'm not mailing the list to tell you all that I like it, I'm 
> mailing you because I think you might want to read it even if you
>  don't use Catalyst or write Web applications.

I love it when books have these side effects. I still have my copy
of Conway's Object Oriented Perl on the shelf because of chapter
two's coverage of references, typeglobs, and other dark arts.

Having said that, thank goodness most of the rest of that book is
unnecessary, now that we have Moose. I had a bit of a realization
just now on how much junk I now *don't* have to know, because of
such systems.

It leaves space in my brain and schedule for things like writing
tests, instead. And so we come full circle to your original point
about important things too few people know about.

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