What Shall I Talk About (2)

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Sat Sep 5 09:00:39 PDT 2009

Let's try to impose some structure on this. I've read Tom and Oliver's 
suggestions and based on those, I've come up with some concrete talk 
titles. Why don't we spend the next few days voting on these.

One of Tom's suggestions was "Maintaining code, and making code 
maintainable". Based on that, I suggest a talk entitled "How I maintain 
my CPAN modules".

Another of Ton's suggestions was "Making different systems talk to each 
other". I'm going to stretch that suggestion and propose a talk called 
"The Planetarium". It's about aggregating RSS and Atom feeds and it will 
be a (lightly) updated version of a talk I gave in Lisbon.

Tom also suggested "Things I should know about, but don't". I don't know 
what Ton doesn't know about, but I think that more people should know 
about the new "autodie" pragma. So my next suggestion is a talk called 
"Easier exception handling with autodie".

And finally, there's Oliver's suggestion - "Teaching Perl - Experiences, 
Anecdotes and Vague Conclusions".

If you all vote for your favourite, I'll do the one with the most votes. 
Those titles again:

* How I maintain my CPAN modules
* The Planetarium
* Easier exception handling with autodie
* Teaching Perl - Experiences, Anecdotes and Vague Conclusions

Over to you :)


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