[Melbourne-pm] caching CPAN dist files

Toby Wintermute tjc at wintrmute.net
Mon Apr 25 01:23:14 PDT 2011

On 21 April 2011 20:13, David Dick <ddick at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> On 21/04/11 08:14, Mathew Robertson wrote:
>> Perl has native versioning support and you can use the Makefile.PL
>> (Build.PL, META.yml, etc) to get your dependencies checked for you,
>> without having to make OS/brand specific install scripts.   [ Since this
>> is Perl, neither "dpkg" or "objdump", etc. are applicable **]
>> ** I'm not sure why you mentioned those... is there a specific example
>> where the standard Perl packaging tools dont cover some use cases?
> sure, you have built a package depending on a os library such as
> libmysqlclient.so, and you would like the native operating system to take
> care of security fixes etc, but you want to signal to the os that your
> package depends on those libraries and therefore do not allow a user to
> uninstall the library (in this case libmysqlclient.so) OR upgrade it to a
> incompatible version.

In my case, there is a hand-built list of all those dependencies in
the Debian package (for things like postgresql-client, mysql-client,
libssl, libgd, libjpeg, libpng, etc etc).


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