[Melbourne-pm] caching CPAN dist files

David Dick ddick at iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 21 03:13:17 PDT 2011

On 21/04/11 08:14, Mathew Robertson wrote:
> Perl has native versioning support and you can use the Makefile.PL
> (Build.PL, META.yml, etc) to get your dependencies checked for you,
> without having to make OS/brand specific install scripts.   [ Since this
> is Perl, neither "dpkg" or "objdump", etc. are applicable **]
> ** I'm not sure why you mentioned those... is there a specific example
> where the standard Perl packaging tools dont cover some use cases?

sure, you have built a package depending on a os library such as 
libmysqlclient.so, and you would like the native operating system to 
take care of security fixes etc, but you want to signal to the os that 
your package depends on those libraries and therefore do not allow a 
user to uninstall the library (in this case libmysqlclient.so) OR 
upgrade it to a incompatible version.

If your package is 100% pure perl, then of course this is un-necessary.

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