[Melbourne-pm] caching CPAN dist files

David Dick ddick at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 25 04:07:02 PDT 2011

On 25/04/11 18:23, Toby Wintermute wrote:
> In my case, there is a hand-built list of all those dependencies in
> the Debian package (for things like postgresql-client, mysql-client,
> libssl, libgd, libjpeg, libpng, etc etc).

heh, i just checked my build process.  The debian package has got 11 
packages listed as dependencies for dynamic libraries, most definitely 
manageable for a manual process.  But i built my rpm packager first 
(served as the basis for the debian packager) which probably tainted my 
methodology... it is tracking 71 dynamic libraries in dependencies, 
that's starting to get a tad tedious to track manually. :)

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