[Melbourne-pm] No, really..

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Wed Feb 3 20:04:40 PST 2010

On 04/02/10 14:57, Patrick Donelan wrote:
> Hey Toby,
> Do you remember which CPAN module caused this? It'd be interesting to
> see if it's using Module::Install or Module::Build (or something else)
> and trace back from the Makefile.PL or whatever.

Many, many modules :(
You know how Module::Install packages will prompt you "Do you want to 
install these mandatory dependencies? [y]"? It's that.
I'm like, why yes, yes I do, but why for the love of god isn't there an 
"a" option, meaning "yes, and do this for [A]ll in the future." :(

They're mandatory requirements, so it seems barely worth asking me, it's 
not like it's going to work otherwise..

And because I don't want to be there to make a selection, I'd rather 
like the optional requirements to get "Y" as well, but would be happy to 
have them auto-no-ed too, rather than it pausing altogether..

> I remember this happening in the past with the CPAN shell despite
> setting *prerequisites_policy* and *build_requires_install_policy*, but
> I don't think it's happened to me recently (not sure if it was fixed or
> just coincidence).

try "cpanp i Task::Kensho" and let me know how you go? :)


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