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Patrick Donelan pat at patspam.com
Wed Feb 3 19:57:03 PST 2010

Hey Toby,

Do you remember which CPAN module caused this? It'd be interesting to see if
it's using Module::Install or Module::Build (or something else) and trace
back from the Makefile.PL or whatever.

I remember this happening in the past with the CPAN shell despite setting *
prerequisites_policy* and *build_requires_install_policy*, but I don't think
it's happened to me recently (not sure if it was fixed or just coincidence).



On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 2:00 PM, Toby Corkindale <
toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au> wrote:

> CPANPLUS has a configuration option, allow_build_interactivity.
> It defaults to true, but I really don't want to get pestered by questions
> like "should I install these dependencies?".
> I've already told it to always install deps without asking, but some
> module::install scripts prompt independently.
> However, despite setting allow_build_interactivity to 0, I still get
> prompted by quite a lot of modules.
> Is there a way to say "No, *really* don't ask me, just use the default!"?
> It's annoying to start something that builds/installs a thousand CPAN
> modules, and have to babysit the process, hitting enter occasionally..
> Toby
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