[Melbourne-pm] No, really..

Alfie John alfiejohn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 20:39:04 PST 2010

Hey folks,

Many, many modules :(
> You know how Module::Install packages will prompt you "Do you want to
> install these mandatory dependencies? [y]"? It's that.
> I'm like, why yes, yes I do, but why for the love of god isn't there an "a"
> option, meaning "yes, and do this for [A]ll in the future." :(

I submitted a patch a while back on Perl5 Porters which did that exact
feature. There was praise for it, but unfortunately wasn't accepted from
bleed. The reasoning was I should have instead changed my cpan settings.

WTF I know. I don't have any sway on P5P. But maybe somebody reading this
can try again (looking at you *Paul* :)

You can find the Perl5 Porters discussion here:


And the patch here:


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