[Melbourne-pm] April 14 Perl Mongers Meeting!

Stephen Edmonds melbourne-pm at popcorn.cx
Tue Apr 13 03:21:55 PDT 2010

I'm up for a social evening, but I don't really know many drinking holes 
in order to recommend one.

However, to get the ball rolling, I suggest our old regular: Beer Deluxe


Paul Fenwick wrote:
> G'day Melb.pm,
> Andrew Dent wrote:
>> Is there a Perl Mongers meeting this month?
> Alfie said:
>> Don't think so. This is an OSDC month. See Jacinta's email last week for details.
> However, while we have no speakers lined up, and REA is not available for
> this month, I think we can do what every other Perl Mongers group in the
> world does, and have a social meeting!  ;)
> Plus, Perl 5.12.0 just hit the world a couple of hours ago[1].  That's
> definitely something to raise a glass to.
> Suggestions of drinking holes welcome. ;)
> Cheerio,
> 	Paul
> [1] http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?perl5120delta


Stephen Edmonds
Melbourne, Australia

stephen at popcorn.cx

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