[Melbourne-pm] OSDC registration system and junk email

Ben Balbo ben at benbalbo.com
Sun Sep 23 18:51:39 PDT 2007

Rick Measham wrote:
> Ben Balbo wrote:
>> I will assume that Rick was
>> genuinely mistaken in attributing the junk mail to CG
> Update:
> I still posit that this is CG generated spam. Further details (such as
> the fact that all the URLs in the email are in domains that whois claims
> are owned by CG) have been supplied to Ben.

CG have said that it looks like they sent out an email to all the
registrants of their conferences to advertise a new one. Unfortunately
it looks like they made a mistake and included OSDC registrants in that.
They are going to remove the OSDC registrants from the contact database.

Rick has raised a genuine concern that I called his ability to recognize
spam into question in a public forum, and for that I apologise. My main
concern here was to ensure the issue was tracked down as quickly as
possible, without causing injury to either party until the facts were
determined. Rick was correct that this email should not have been sent
to OSDC registrants, and I believe CG's mistake was genuine, albeit

Again, my apologies to Rick for any offence or discomfort caused in my
previous email. It was truly not intended as such.


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