[Melbourne-pm] Programming Perl course in Melbourne: 7th - 10th August

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Jun 26 23:58:27 PDT 2007

Most of you will already know Perl already, but I'd like to encourage you to
tell your colleagues about our course.  If you refer someone to us we'll give
you a free book as a sign of our appreciation.  If the attendee mentions
Melbourne Perl Mongers, they'll also get a 5% discount.

Next Programming Perl course

   Early bird:                     9th July 2007
   Course dates:                   7th - 10th August 2007

Our next Programming Perl course is set to run in Melbourne at the start of
August.  This course covers Perl's fundamentals to give an existing
programmer sufficient knowledge of Perl to work on most projects.

Specifically it covers:
        * Perl's variable types: scalars, arrays, hashes
        * Operators and functions
        * Conditional and looping structures
        * Subroutines
        * Regular expressions
        * References and complex data structures
        * Writing and using modules (libraries)
        * Perl objects
        * File and directory interaction, including writing and reading files
        * System interaction and security issues

Melbourne Perl Monger Discount
Mention Melbourne Perl Mongers to receive a discount of 5% on your Programming
Perl course booking.

Early Bird Special
Book on this course before 9th of July and receive a free book.  See our
list at: http://perltraining.com.au/books/ for a list of available books.

Group discount
Make a single booking for three or more people on the same course and
receive an additional 5% discount per person.

Referral bonuses
Refer your friends and colleagues to us, and get a free book for each
booking mentioning you, made before the early bird date.  Books can be
selected from our list at:


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