[Melbourne-pm] Last Chance to speak at OSDC

Stas Bekman stas at stason.org
Fri Aug 19 08:36:08 PDT 2005

Rick Measham wrote:
> Jacinta Richardson wrote:
>>I'm sorry if you're already sick of the idea but for those who *intend* to
>>submit a paper proposal ... eventually please be aware that TODAY is the last
>>day proposals are being accepted.
> It takes longer to fill out this wacky form than to present a talk .. so
> anyone thinking of submitting a proposal .. start now so you get it done
> today!

I agree. The overhead of registering is nasty. And the interface sucks. A 
few times I've found myself in the dead end of their logic flow :(

Have you considered using the software specially written for YAPCs? 
Originally developed by Eric Cholet and the Paris Perl Monguers it's now 
used by other YAPCs as well. I can't seem to find a link to it. But if you 
are interested I'll find out where it is.

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