[Melbourne-pm] Last Chance to speak at OSDC

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Fri Aug 19 02:53:31 PDT 2005

Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> I'm sorry if you're already sick of the idea but for those who *intend* to
> submit a paper proposal ... eventually please be aware that TODAY is the last
> day proposals are being accepted.

It takes longer to fill out this wacky form than to present a talk .. so
anyone thinking of submitting a proposal .. start now so you get it done

Some notes to help you:

1. You have to add your contact details by clicking the button, even
though there's no message insisting on this .. if you don't you'll get
an error once you submit it at the end.

2. Make sure you use capital letters in each field or there's more
errors to come (yes, even if capital letters are not required for the text)

3. If you're not sure what each field requires .. guess! I read through
Jacinta's description of the info that's needed and worked from that,
trying to match that up with the fields in the interface. The help text
isn't too helpful. (fake eg: "An _Author List_ is a list of _Authors_")

Rick Measham

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