Self-managed dedicated Linux hosting

JP Howard jh_lists at
Fri Mar 19 00:27:33 CST 2004

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:16:32 +1100, "Simon Taylor"
<simon at> said:
> I'm looking to move a number of domains I have to a new self-managed
> server.
> US based: (All self managed, few, if any real limitations)
> $US 129 / month, no setup fee  

I've used Serverbeach and can recommend them. It's important for remote
hosts that you have an online-reboot capbility, which Serverbeach
provide. Their tech support is cheap and reasonably effective. They
provide lots of bandwidth.

I don't see any benefit in going with a firm with servers in Australia -
you'll end up paying too much money.

The other option is hosting your own using Swiftel 512/512 DSL. They only
charge $5/GB for bandwidth, which is 20x cheaper than the next cheapest I
believe! But you're not going to get 24x7 onsite techs this way, or
redundent upstreams (Serverbeach has great connectivity).

BTW, if you use remote hosting, and you want to upgrade your kernel, I
strongly suggest using lilo instead of grub. When you want to test a new
kernel, use 'lilo -R kernel_name'. This will use your kernel only for the
next reboot. If your machine doesn't come back up, just use the online
reboot facility and you'll be back in business. Last time I checked Grub
did not provide this capability.

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